Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hans Zatzka Pearls of the Sea

Hans Zatzka (1859 - 1945), who I've heard signed all his paintings with the pseudonym of Joseph Bernard, was an Austrian painter.  Honestly, I have yet to discover very much about his life (perhaps a trip to the library will solve this conundrum), however, World Classic Gallery has put it this way: Hans Zatzka, also known as P. Ronsard, was an Academic, Austrian artist. Zatzka was a painter of allegorical subjects, genre scene paintings, and figures. Zatzka spent many years dedicating his painting to the churches and other known establishments of Austria.  
     Hans Zatzka, also known as P. Ronsard, was born in Vienna on 8th March, 1859 and he was a pupil at the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Vienna between 1877 and 1882.
     Zatzka dedicated most of his artistic life to decorating the numerous churches in Vienna and those in Mayerling, Olmutz and Innsubruck.  His religious paintings and altar piece paintings were highly regarded but he was more widely known for his passionate paintings depicting women, fairies and mythological subjects.  Aware of the huge popularity of his paintings of women Zatzka produced many of them and even had some of them reproduced as postcards.  Today, Hans Zatzka paintings are sought-after by collectors as are his postcards.
     It is unknown exactly when Hans Zatzka died but it is thought to have been either in 1945 or 1949.

Pearls of the Sea; Oil on Canvas

 A Water Idyll; Oil on Canvas

A Water Nymph; Oil on Canvas

A Water Idyll; Oil on Canvas

Water Nymphs; Oil on Canvas

A Nymph's Harem Bathing; Oil on Canvas

 A Girl & Cupid; Oil on Canvas


  1. I was wandering through the web looking for some illustration of a mermaid and I came across this blog. Very unusual though so interesting and I love your art taste, good work!

  2. Thanks so much! It's a pleasure to share all my random, mermaid trivia & I'm glad you've enjoyed it! Feel free to come back & visit me (in my little, mermaid grotto) sometime! :)