Monday, November 12, 2012

How Novel! My Novel!

This is how ridiculously giddy, when one wakes to find one's novel for sale on, one looks.
Especially when the whole ordeal was supposed to take nearly a week of torturous waiting.
Victory sequins.

Oh my.

The Fortune humor (which is, sadly, both heredity & just plain sad), strikes again!

In reference to my own blog title.

Which, sadly, as well...I found too amusing.

Well, at least I amuse myself.

If no one else appreciates your humor, at least you should!  ;)

That is the way I see it.

But I'm rambling.

(Imagine that.)

Dun, dun, dun...

Drumrool, ahem, silly typos making me sound Scottish...drumroll!


Many 'eeks' & much screaming, weeping, & Snoopy dances will now ensue.
And, thus, the links for you to go buy all my books.  ;)

Support the starving artist!

Save the whales!

The page above says 'CreateSpace', but this is basically another name for Amazon.

I have an 'actual' Amazon link as well, but if you'd like to be reeaally kind, when you buy via 'CreateSpace', the author actually receives much more in royalties from their book, despite the paperback copies having the exact same price.

And the link to my ebook!

The nice thing about the Amazon Kindle, is that you don't need a Kindle to download & read ebooks.

They have an app you can install on your computer or any other device with internet access for free!

Isn't that nifty & nice?

Kindle Cloud Reader FREE


Curl up with a good book (hopefully mine?) & enjoy!


(They make delightfully dark & strange, Christmas gifts!)

Please, do come visit my other blog for my Gothic novel & all the bits & bobs going on in my life!
I'd be delighted to see you there & hear all about your own life!

What are your favorite books?

 ~Good Night, Good Night!~

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Mermaids of Benes Knüpfer

Benes Knüpfer (1848 - 1910) was a Czechoslovakian painter, who, despite his glorious paintings of mermaids & mermen frolicking in the surf, seems to be rather widely unknown.  Sadly, I can find little else to tell about the man's life, other than to tell you, observe the paintings & you will discover more. 
     The way that he paints water is exquisite. 
     Perhaps, I will have to go hunt him down in a an art book?  The images of his paintings I have managed to find are often quite small, paltry offerings.  Yet, even in miniature, they are beautiful.  So take a look, where you will.  Enjoy!  I hope we can make Benes Knüpfer well known!

Duel of the Tritons; Benes Knüpfer

The Kiss; Benes Knüpfer

Siren; Benes Knüpfer

Detail of Revenge of the Centaurs; Benes Knüpfer

A Sirene's Song; Benes Knüpfer
Game of the Waves; Benes Knüpfer

Sea Nymph; Benes Knüpfer