Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Mermaids of Benes Knüpfer

Benes Knüpfer (1848 - 1910) was a Czechoslovakian painter, who, despite his glorious paintings of mermaids & mermen frolicking in the surf, seems to be rather widely unknown.  Sadly, I can find little else to tell about the man's life, other than to tell you, observe the paintings & you will discover more. 
     The way that he paints water is exquisite. 
     Perhaps, I will have to go hunt him down in a an art book?  The images of his paintings I have managed to find are often quite small, paltry offerings.  Yet, even in miniature, they are beautiful.  So take a look, where you will.  Enjoy!  I hope we can make Benes Knüpfer well known!

Duel of the Tritons; Benes Knüpfer

The Kiss; Benes Knüpfer

Siren; Benes Knüpfer

Detail of Revenge of the Centaurs; Benes Knüpfer

A Sirene's Song; Benes Knüpfer
Game of the Waves; Benes Knüpfer

Sea Nymph; Benes Knüpfer

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